Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Canberra Farewell - 5th May 2007!

The night started at All Bar, progressed to Kremlin and ended in the wee hours at no where else, than the Moose! Thanks for coming to our farewell everyone!

I've tried to post pics of everyone who was there but didn't get around to saving the pics off my work computer before leaving so there may be a few missing!

At All Bar Nun

Bree, Anona and Boothy

Chat and Niluka

The Couchmans - Nat and Tim. Thanks for making it out Tim!

The Pose - Zile and I

Chat, Sally and I

Ems and Jez

Boothy, Mel and Nick

Gus and Lucy


Dan and I

Simon, Pinko, Bree and Drum
Tracey and I


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